MainStreet 407 Remodeling specializes in home improvements, including additions, new kitchens, and remodeling. We are also a certified insurance restoration specialist.

We enhance, expand, and beautify your home – and we restore it to a condition better than the original in the case of a fire, windstorm, flood or other casualty. In those cases, MainStreet 407 Remodeling assists you in understanding your adjuster’s estimate and works closely with you and your adjuster to ensure your home is restored to your complete satisfaction. We also will assist you in your efforts to obtain the maximum allowable insurance claim payment from your insurance carrier.

Our focus is on you and your remodeling needs and requirements, including project design, construction, cost and timing. We want your input, for you to ask questions and to provide us with real time feedback.

  • Budgeting and estimating at every milestone – Your MainStreet 407 Remodeling project manager will provide you with detailed cost estimates, not only at the start of your remodeling project, but at every milestone, and in advance of every decision you will be asked to make about project options and modifications.
  • Architectural and design planning – MainStreet 407 Remodeling, through its “sister” company, MainStreet 407 Design, LLC, can provide in-house architectural and interior design support directly for your remodeling project, or can work closely with an architectural or design team of your choosing. Either way, you will receive multiple design ideas that accommodate your remodeling requirements and budget.
  • Construction and modifications – MainStreet 407 Remodeling will oversee and coordinate all aspects of your remodeling work to ensure the remodeling project meets your – and our – exacting standards, and to ensure your work is completed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.